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gm rear drum brake spring tool Raise and support the rear end on jackstands. in order to assemble (and completely rebuild) one rear drum brake. com. Buy Brake Spring Tool - BK 7769201 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. ­ ­ Advertisement Advertisement Print | Citation & Date | Reprint Advertisement Advertisem Lisle 50600 Spring Brake Tool for GM in Brake Adjusting Tools. The GearWrench Brake Cylinder Hone is designed to hone drum brake wheel cylinders and disc brake calipers. You will need a spring removal tool to repair or replace the brake shoe. steel drums. 15 watching. Drum brake systems are only used on the rear wheels nowadays, as they are not as efficient and require more maintenance than the modern The passenger side rear drum brake on my K2500 (454 big block engine) is seized (13" drums). A friend of mine said the rear brakes are self adjusting but its been a few days and still the same. 65 WARNING - click for more information: 6472FRBP-9: 6472FRBP-91964-72, standard, 9" booster, kit: $899. Do this for both forward and rear facing shoe springs. 9. When replacing drum brakes, you change out the shoes in the drum brake. Sep 15, 2020 · GM Rear Disc Brake Kits are available for standard (coil springs with both shocks behind rear axle) or staggered (leaf springs with one shock forward of and one shock behind the rear axle) set-ups. residual valve is used for disc brakes to keep brake fluid from flowing back down into the master cylinder. com 11260 Brake Spring Pliers. And if you’re servicing drum brakes, we have brake spring pliers to remove and install the return and hold-down springs, brake spoons to turn the star wheel and adjust the shoes, and even pullers to remove stubborn drums from hubs. drum brake kits will help your ride stop better than ever before. Stock (3) Get Results. Old spring (cut) from a Midget clutch master cylinder. Apr 22, 2018 · Insert the tool over the brake shoe return spring pivot and twist to release. Tools & Shop Equipment Brake, Electrical Spring, Drum Dec 26, 2009 · GM Full-Size Trucks 1988-1998 Repair Information Brake Shoes INSPECTION REMOVAL & INSTALLATION ADJUSTMENT INSPECTION 1. 25 for discs. How to use the Brake spring tool! ARES 70191 - Brake Spring Compressor Tool - Provides Leverage to Remove and Install Stubborn Hold-Down Springs of Drum Brakes Lisle 44210 Universal Emergency Brake Tool ABN Spring Compressor Leverage Tool to Remove & Install Hold-Down Small–Large 5/8in–7/8in Drum Brake Washer Springs Putting drum brake springs on without the specialized tool. The set also includes a tool for removing and replacing retaining spring caps and an adjusting tool for servicing Bendix-type self-adjusting brakes and brake springs. There isn't much out the to show you how it's done, so I have found this little step by step and hope it  Mike,. Disc brakes are better at straight-line stops. 14 Jun 2016 Drum brakes use friction-lined brake shoes inside of a drum, as opposed a basic set of hand tools and a drum brake adjustment tool to get the job done. drum/drum, firewall or under floor; Drum brakes require a 10 lb. Last time I did this style drum brake (single torsion spring vs. TEX-  Professional Services, GM's training partner for GM's Service Technical College wish to thank all of the people who Demonstrate how to use the special tools during drum brake service The wheel cylinder also actuates the trailing (rear) shoe. Adjusting tool for servicing Bendix-type self-adjusting brakes and brake springs; Tool for removing and replacing retaining spring caps; Bleeder fitting 90° wrench with 8mm x Oct 26, 2018 · GM Original Equipment™ Rear Drum Brake Shoe Return Spring by ACDelco®. If the brake pedal is spongy air is in the system. The brake can then be disassembled to replace brake shoes, emergency brake cable or service the brake cylinder. Jul 04, 2011 · Thanks for the help. Just look at the outside of the drum it will tell you what size it is. item 2 vintage craftsman double end drum brake spring tool #45499 f - new 2 - vintage craftsman double end drum brake spring tool #45499 f - new $14. Universal application. 16MM 12 point deep socket, also cut down in length and drilled to . Kit includes: 1 right-hand rotating tool, 1 left-hand rotating tool, 5 plate holders, 30 different adapters. after installing new shoes how do I adjust the brakes. Brake Chevy Silverado 2016, GM Original Equipment™ Rear Parking Brake Shoes by ACDelco®. These are not"special" brake shoes. The shoe is the star of the drum brake system. Our team of transmission repair and machining experts are well versed in transtool systems and manufacture the best in quality and class transmission repair tools. Apr 20, 2020 · The signs they look for when drum brakes are suspected of failure are deep grooves, stress fractures, black spots called hot spots, and a blue color indicating the brake drum has exceeded the allowable heat range. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. This will give you a longer pedal travel and "spongy" brakes. 94 mm. Caution When using a coil spring compressor - especially the two-piece kind - be sure the coils are evenly compressed or the tool can be damaged, allowing the coil to spring loose. MGB Rear Drum Brake. There is a tool available that makes it much easier. ca For Use With 1985 Newer Ford F-Series 3/4 and 1 Ton Truck With Dana 80 Rear Axle (1) Measures Drums From 6 1/2 to 11 1/3 in. 75 shipping Jul 06, 2011 · i have an 2008 gmc sierra 1500 z71 ft, rotors=rear drums, i need info on how to reconnect parking brake cable back in new bracket on new shoes they were easy to disassemble but a bear trying to reconnect, is there a tool to keep spring from bowing as you try to reconnect cable, thanks Drum brake repair diagram. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. Back Order i. Oct 26, 2020 · Rated 5 out of 5 by Mgould from Perfect for 14 bolt disc swap I used this for my 14 bolt FF gm disc brake conversion. needed to replace a blown wheel cylinder. The stud-mounted drum was the only option available on the GM corporate 14 bolt axle between 1973 and 1987. It may help to wiggle it a bit as you pull. In this video, I will show you from start to finish how to replace the rear brake shoes on your car o A drum brake hardware kit includes all of the springs and clips that should be replaced when servicing drum brakes. Extra length handles gives the leverage you need for replacement. spring. Designed  29 Apr 2014 A brake drum spring release tool includes a straight elongate rod 11, 2001 entitled “Brake Spring Maintenance Tool and Method”; and U. To adjust the rear drum brakes on your Honda, begin by pulling the parking brake up as far as it will go. Housing Ends And Housing Parts. Many GM brakes use a heavy single spring. Brake Spring Pliers and Spring Returning Tools cars and light duty trucks with rear drum brakes. Simply set against the back flange of the master cylinder, push in on the center slide and then flip it over and lay it against the front edge of the booster. Fast, Free Ground Shipping on orders over $199. Rear (18) Front (10) Rear Left (5) Rear Right (4) Front Left (2) Front Right (1) Get Results. This is done through the brake adjustment hole in the drum or on the backing plate using a brake adjuster tool to turn the adjuster to loosen the brakes enough to remove the drum. It has good vacuum at 18″ and is steady. Press the parking brake release, putting the parking brake back into a disengaged position. The pad gauges include the following sizes: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. Forged D154 dual piston calipers, 12. Step 3. to/2UvYPKB Props to the fellow condo brake mechanics down the street using fisher price tools, a doughnut spare tire sc Jul 25, 2016 · Part 2 of 3: Adjust the drum brake. The 50600 engages the spring and quickly releases the spring tension. Paying attention to some of the signs can save you time and money. It’s essentially a mini drum brake attached to the back of the rotor. The tool stays in place, holding the W spring while you remove and replace the shoes. D154 Pro-Series rear disc kits provides a complete solution for popular muscle car rear axles that require a parking brake. studs, but can machined to accept up to 5 You can solve this by grinding the drum or the backing plate, OR do what I did--put a 3/16" wheel spacer between the axle flange and the brake drum. For more brake topics and links to related auto articles, check out the links below. ABN | Brake Drum Tool Kit – 15 Pc w/ Spring Pliers, Brake Spring Tools Jan 17, 2020 · Press the brake shoe set with the new brake pads up against the backing plate, then reinstall the brake shoe clips you removed previously to hold the brake set in place. This special tool makes the ordinarily difficult installation of this ring easy and helps prevent injury to the mechanic. In some applications, the brake drum incorporates two threaded puller screw holes designed to expedite drum removal. Premium Kits include cross-drilled and slotted rotors, braided stainless steel brake hoses plus you have a choice of raw, red or black powder coated Front disc brakes provide a significant improvement in braking performance versus the drum brakes your car came with. Condition is New. Left-hand rotating tool works on Ford Mustang GT rear calipers, Renault and Citroën. Rapping the brake drum between the lug bolts with a two-pound or larger hammer will generally loosen the drum. Over time, they may be extended too far and unable to properly retract the brake shoes from the brake drums. 15 Brake drum tools Brake spring tools Disc brake tools Brake spring tools Brake bleeder tools Material Type - Heat-treated alloy - - Steel Adapters Included No - - - - Dimensions L x W x H (in. We offer same day shipping when ordered before 11am CST, free shipping Apr 17, 2012 · Tech Editor Smith shows you the easy way to swap your rear drum brakes with some budget gm rear disc brakes. Calculate the Gear Ratio Needed to run a certain 1/4 mile. When you need a parking brake cable repair kit; an E-brake rebuild kit; or a complete new ZF parking brake assembly to fit your Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 pick-up or Ford motor home, we've got what you need. This valve basically allows the rear drums to apply first in the system. If you let the brakes go too long without repair, you can cause extensve damage. to 2-1/2 in. If the drum’s inner diameter has gotten thinner from its repeated contact with the brake pads, it will need replacement. Drum brakes have a tendency to pull due to inconsistent alignment of the shoes from the left to right wheels due to a dependency on multiple complex OPGI carries thousands of classic GM restoration parts and accessories offered in 14 FREE catalogs. According to my parts catalogs the original applications include the following 1970 GM vehicles equipped with front disk and rear drum brakes: all 1970 Chevrolet, all 1970 Buick A-body, and Oldsmobile F85. The drum brake design allows for a simple cable actuation mechanism. Brake Spring Tool: Item #: 71-581: $12. (1) Removal and Installation of Return Springs (1) Removes And Installs Brake Shoe Return Springs On Most Drum Brakes (1) Removes Slack Adjusters and Push Rod Clevis Pins (1) Removes Spindle Nuts On 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles (2) Style: Spring Brake Tool for GM Releases tension on both large and small GM single spring brakes during servicing. • Range: brake drums, five different brake spring tools that will most GM vehicles, most Ford vehicles, and imported . It also helps if you have a drum brake kit to help spin that star wheel. Pat. The maximum diameter of a brake drum is listed as 13. That way, they can keep their truck’s original parking brake function even if they swap out the drums on their 14 bolt, Dana 60, Dana 70, Eaton, or Sterling 10. Hook the spring and tighten the rear handle to lock it onto the spring. Included in the Kit: In those kits, the spindle is an aftermarket piece that mimics the factory disc brake spindle used on these applications when disc brakes became the standard. It provides the friction against the drum that stops your car when you step on the brake pedal. This complete front disc brake conversion kit fits 1964-72 GM A-Body, 1967-69 GM F-Body and 1968-74 X-Body using your stock disc brake spindles or our new replacement stock height disc brake spindles # 910-34900. Works on drums and calipers from 3/4 in. 832, works on large and small "W" springs commonly found on older trucks, SUVs and cars (2009 and older models). Replacing the brake shoes will also require you to either resurface or replace the brake drum. 14 List Price $35. Caution: Keep fingers away from rear brake shoe springs to prevent fingers from being pinched between spring and shoe web or spring and backing plate. Jun 13, 2009 · Tools Required. Some of our best-selling brake tools include pad spreaders and piston cubes for disc brakes, drum brake silencers, and other tools such as brake spoons, spring tools and caliper tools. What size cut can be made before the drum must be discarded? 3. Pry it outward and then pull out to disenguage it from the shoe. For an under-the-floor master cylinder brake system, a 2 lb. But drum brake shoes and wheel cylinders typically cost less to replace than disc brake pads and calipers. They have 3 3/8” center to center mount pattern. ARES 18022 - Drum Brake Hold Down Spring Pliers - High Strength Integral Head Design - Curved Neck for Easy Access and Nearly Universal Use 4. Wheels & Tires. A mechanical activation system of the emergency brake uses the same principle of forcing the shoes outward against the drum helping to hold the car in place. 12). To bleed the brakes, you'll need your friend again. Jan 24, 2019 · A rear axle bearing that has gone bad or is going bad announces itself by squeaking occasionally and moves on to clunking and shaking because the bearing has completely failed and fallen apart. Slip the lock ring on the small end of the tapered plug and center the plug in the pinion shaft. A manufacturer may opt for rear drum brakes to save weight and money on their vehicles. Each time a vehicle brakes, these springs are stretched slightly. One member had a line in his signature to remind others Strange Engineering Ring and Pinion Gear Ratio Calculator. Rear drum brakes can lock for several reasons. Step 13: You also need to take away the rear brake shoes and hardware. Do not use force to screw the piston into the disc brake cylinder. The Packaging and Branding may vary between GearWrench and KD tools due to a brand consolidation. The tool removes and installs return springs. Drum brakes have more hardware and can be more complex to service. Single Spring Brake Tool Modified bracket now fits 2007 Silverado / Sierra applications. They offer these heavy-duty brake spring tools and sets. Notice: Do not pry against the splash shield or backing plate in attempt to free the drum. Maintenance Wheel Ends | Brake Chambers | Air Disc Brakes 10046125 ACTUATOR ASSY,BRAKE,SPRING,REAR,22 X 16/24 Related Items: Bellows Kit: 10037303 Clamp Ring Kit: 10037302 Diaphragm Kit: 10037301 10045495 CHAMBER,BRAKE,20/24 NG3,AIR DISC Related Items: Bellows Kit: 10037303 Clamp Ring Kit: 10037309 Diaphragm Kit: 10037311 Wheel Ends 41. Works large & small "W" springs. Adjusting drum brakes correctly can be an art. Commonly  I am often asked how to use the Drum Brake Spring Pliers. Worked perfectly. The tools rotate pistons back into the caliper without damage to the piston and boot. Remove the two springs from the brake shoes. Spring compressor (highly recommended) 3. May 24, 2020 · DRUM BRAKE RETAINER SPRING TOOL PT52107. Drum Brake Kits B1606 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These Strange Ford 9 in. Drum brakes work on the same principle as disc brakes: Shoes press against a spinning surface. Step 1 Lift the Cobalt at the rear wheel by placing the jack head onto a frame rail and pumping the lever until the wheel is in the air. Disconnect the Springs, removing the outer one first using the brake spring removal tool. As the perfect complement to your recently narrowed rear end, or the final accessory on your carefully crafted Strange complete high-performance rear end, Strange Engineering offers machined housing (axle tube ends) MADE IN THE USA from forged steel. These kits are available in the 8-lug bolt pattern and come standard with GM ratcheting emergency brake integrated calipers. RWD (6) Get Results. No need to leverage The Lisle 44800 heavy duty brake spring tools is designed for larger brake springs on drum brakes without an anchor pin. 00 Description New Parking/Emergency Brake Link Bar for 66-77 Classic Ford Broncos with 11" Rear Drum Brakes. Insert the tool tips into the retainer ring and expand by turning the knob; For removing the rear wheel cylinder retainer on GM X and J body cars; Releases the spring clip retainer that attaches the rear brake cylinder to Powerbuilt Rear Disc Brake Adjust Tools Kit - 648601 Motive Products Pressure Power Brake Bleeder Late Model GM Chevy ABN Drum Brake Shoe Return Spring Dual Oct 22, 2019 · Some vehicle with four-wheel disc brakes still use a drum brake inside the rear rotors that acts as the parking brake. 26, 2010, Ken Livingston, “Brake Spring Removal/Installation Tool for Rear Drum Brakes with 'W' Spring”  Warning: Drum brake shoes must be replaced on both rear wheels at the and secondary shoe retracting springs - the spring removal tool shown here can be  BRAKE SERVICE MEASURING TOOLS Electronic Inch/Metric Brake Drum Gauge small single spring brakes on GM vehicles some rear disc brakes. There are a few tricks to a successful brake job that will last. Many cars hav A drum brake system, including the drum, brake shoes, and brake cylinder is explained, with guidelines for maintenance and inspection. (The parking brake uses the discs, so there is no additional drum or similar. However, the stud mounted RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Rear Disc Brakes 1. the tool in the picture Nick shows, is used to pull the spring away from the shoe for disassembly, and is then used to install the spring into the shoe. Also fits 1951-75 full size passenger car. Advance leading-trailing uses one component to work as the return. 5 out of 5 stars 14. Drivetrain . 99 Universal Fit, Rear Position, 11. Detailed Description: Parking Brake Spreader Bar Retaining Spring for Chevy Truck Sold each. Inside Brake Line Tubing Deburring Tool 1/8"-1/2" Stainless OEM Copper Nickel (Fits: 1969 Buick Wildcat) Drum brake spring kit Buick 1963-1970 REAR (Fits: 1969 Dec 08, 2014 · None 10 and 12 Bolt C-Clip Eliminator Kit 10in 12 Bolt Assemblies 12 Bolt C-Clip Eliminator 12 Bolt Housings 12 Bolt Parts 12 Bolt Pro Gears 12 Bolt Standard Gears 12 Bolt Truck Gears 12in 1310 to 1350 U Joint 14in 16in 1963-1979 Corvette 1980-1982 Corvette 1984-1996 Corvette 1997-2013 Corvette 2 Bolt C-Clip Eliminator Kit 2014-2017 Corvette 28 Jan 16, 2020 · Coil spring compression tools are also available in the Advance Auto Parts Loaner Tool Program. Vehicles with rear disc brakes will use a smaller drum brake in the center of the rotor for the emergency brake. 2. $28 Releases tension on both large and small GM single spring brakes during servicing. Coil Spring only THX832 GM “W” REAR BRAKE SPRING RELEASE TOOL •Works on large & small “W” springs. T-47786AC Drum brakes are closed and are prone to brake dust collecting from the shoes, so they need periodic cleaning. 00 For drum brakes, a 10 lb. Diagnosis is a big part of auto service, and brakes are no different than other systems. Can be used on most car and light commercial drum brakes. adjusted my brakes just how I needed. Brake Drums – Brake drums are bowl-shaped, and the friction surface is on the inside of the drum. GM Rear Disc Brake Kits are available for standard (coil springs with both shocks behind rear axle) or staggered (leaf springs with one shock forward of and one shock behind the rear axle) set-ups. We carry an extensive inventory of Jeep steering & brake parts including master cylinder, steering hose, steering pumps & brake parts. for the RWAL rear wheel anti lock microprocessor found on 1988 thru current GM pickups . On most cars, brake drums are found in the rear wheels. Jun 06, 2018 · On drum brakes the emergency brake job is done by the rear brake shoes. Keeping your brakes working properly is an important part of vehicle maintenance. If any of these conditions exist, the technician will recommend brake drum replacement, or machining if appropriate. Using brake spring pliers (Tool C-312) (Fig. Tools; Wash, Wax, Cleaners The Tinnerman nuts retains the rear brake drum to the axle. It doesnt seem to have any pressure coming out of the front side of the master cylinder as weve even tried loosening the line at the master cylinder and dont get any pressure. Step 12: Gently press down and twist the brake shoe removal tool (counterclockwise) to remove the retainer and the pin. 02 inches. Made from heavy duty OEM-quality materials, we carry replacement and performance brake drums from the top brands in the automotive industry, including Bendix Brakes, Beck See full list on mechanicalbooster. I know from experience that it works on 1964: my Ghia limo has rear drums on the front! This is a complete rear disc brake kit for the 6 lug Chevrolet rear-end, 10 or 12 bolt style. com or the April 2012 issue. 6 B1 Brake Drum. very nice. The drum measures 13. Perfect for your vehicle and Engineered to exacting tolerances for outstanding performance Built to fit most cars on the road today Order Brake Hardware - Universal for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. According to my parts catalog the original applications include 1994, 1995, and 1996 GM B-bodies (Buick Roadmaster, Chevrolet Caprice, and Chevrolet Impala SS) and 1993 - 1996 GM D-bodies (Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham) with anti-lock brakes. The drum brake diagram below shows how all the parts of the brake work together. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by ACDelco features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. GM Brake Shoe Spanner and Spring Remover No. 4. OPGI carries thousands of classic GM restoration parts and accessories offered in 14 FREE catalogs. Choose top quality brands AC Delco, API, Bendix, Brembo, Centric, DuraGo, Dynamic Friction, OPParts This ARES Brake Spring Compressor Tool provides you with the leverage you need to easily remove and install stubborn drum brake shoe retaining spring washers. With a comfortable handle and fluted socket for maximum grip, our design makes it simple to remove and replace backing plate springs, cups, and pins, so you can get the job done quickly Step 11: Use your brake shoe removal tool and insert it on the spring retainer clip. Brake shoes, calipers, return springs, brake parts and obsolete parts for classic Chevy trucks and GMC trucks from Classic Parts of America. Drum brakes are more difficult to replace than disc brakes. Remove shoes with lower shoe-to-shoe spring and starwheel as an assembly (Fig. (19 to 64 mm) in diameter Works on front and rear brake discs. Nov 01, 2009 · Major ComponentsThe drum brake system features a master cylinder, wheel cylinders, lined shoes, and brake drums. For Servicing Disc Brakes. Use lubricant anywhere you find metal-to-metal contact between moving parts, such as where the shoes slide. Slotted ends on tool always hold spring at correct work angle. • For use on 1967 to 2004 3/4- and 1-ton pickups and vans. The riveted lining on the leading (rear) shoe is positioned off centre in the direction of wheel rotation. Jul 25, 2016 · Drum brakes have been in use on automobiles for over 100 years. Drum brakes are used on the smaller cars because the rear brakes don't work as hard as the front brakes in stopping the car. Explore our huge inventory of low-priced, in-stock parts and find the replacement brake drums you need for any brake repair or restoration job on your car, truck, or SUV. Brakes and rear brake shoes are something that are extremely  Quit taking skin off your knuckles trying to install drum brake springs with the wrong tools and grab a pair of ToolPRO Heavy Duty Brake Spring Pliers. I appreciate the help. The shoes and interior surface of the drums are routine maintenance items, but changing the integral parts of the Cobalt's drum brakes is not extremely difficult. Making the adjustments is pretty easy. Remove caliper bolts that hold it to the knuckle. now all parts are correct and in the correct locations. The largest selection of Chevelle, Monte Carlo, El Camino; GTO, LeMans, Tempest, Grand Prix, Bonneville, Catalina; Cutlass, 442; Skylark, GS, Riviera; Cadillac; Regal, Grand National, T-Type; classic parts in the world. You can restrict the Buy a 1999 Chevrolet Blazer Brake Bleeder Screw at discount prices. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. The main housing is unique in both design and material. The LT890 easily connects rear drum brake return springs. drum brakes In particular, I've found the brake spring tool (bottom item in the picture) useful  The drum is attached to the wheel making it a safe and clever way to make your car stop. Mar 18, 2012 · 49900 GM SINGLE SPRING BRAKE TOOL Releases Tension on Large GM Single Brake Springs so Brakes can be Serviced I just replaced my rear drum brakes on a 2007 NBS If you have rear drum brakes and the parking brake applies them, they need to be checked for proper adjustment. Kit includes 11" diameter vented brake rotor with 5 on 4-3/4 OTC Tools is an affiliated Bosch Tools brand and major supplier for servicing tools and equipment. 95 A rear brake with an integral hub and brake drum. Those of you who want the 1989 or later 12" rotor brakes can get them from GM for an "affordable" amount of money. Unhook and remove shoe hold down springs (Fig. The easiest way to install them is to hook up the spring first with the  Maximum jaw opening 130mm. I adjusted as you mentioned and the e brake is tight, the truck stops like new again. Viewed from the side of the backing plate, which way do I turn the star adjuster to loosen the shoes from the drum? Jun 07, 2016 · The quality of brake shoe can also play a role in causing rear brake lockup on certain vehicles. As cheap as this tool is, it is not worth not buying it. Remove the the brake drum from the vehicle. Repairs. 3, 4WD, came into the shop for its 100,000 mile maintenance. Also solve for RPM, Tire Size and MPH. Once you have the drum removed, it is a good idea to clean the area of dust with compressed air or brake wash spray. X Research source Some drum brake sets will come with replacement clips in the event you damaged the old ones. Brakes are one area in which vehicle owners simply cannot compromise. At some point GM replaced the 3905525 valve with this part. Adjusting the brakes would move the shoes closer the drum friction surface and reduce the travel of the wheel cylinder piston. You never have to worry about finding the right part with our exploded parts views and replacement parts diagrams. No. Brake Tools; Ignition, Electrical, and Diagnostics Disc Brake Pad and Rotor / Drum Brake Shoe and Drum Kit (3) JEGS 10/12-Bolt GM Rear Disc Brake Conversion The parking brake usually uses the rear drum brakes in your car, so lubricate the parking brake cable and any linkages or moving parts. These shoes are held to the backing plate by a small spring, pin and retainer assembly. Qty in Cart : 0 Subtotal: $0. Since the brakes are arguably the car’s most vital safety feature, brake parts should never be allowed to fail. Includes: · Right & left backing plates with splash shields and gaskets · Shoes, springs, & hardware · Wheel cylinders ACDELCO {#18020402} GM Original Equipment Rear; 4-Wheel ABS (ABS Sensors on all 4 Wheels); Rear Drum brakes; Cast Iron; CONTAINS LH/RH SPRING & LH/RH ACTUATORS ACDELCO Jul 10, 2011 · Hey all, I have a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4. When the e Advertisement Now let's put it all together. Adjustments were made by manually turning the notched wheel on the adjuster with a brake spoon for the self-energizing type. 2. Figure 11 - Removing or Installing Upper Shoe-to-Shoe Spring (Rear) Jun 24, 2017 · A fluid leak can cause the brake shoes to grab or lock up, and ultimately fail completely. BACK ORDER - We are temporarily out of stock on this item. Universal 7-1/2" Wheel Hub Drum Puller Rear Brake Drum Remover Tool Kit. Once everything is in place, unscrew the knobs on the tool, and watch the spring set back down so easily in its place. May 01, 2008 · Swap your old GM Rear Drum Brake for new Disc Brakes on a 1986 Chevy Caprice, Check it out in the May 2008 issue of Car Craft Magazine or at carcraft. Caliper mounting hardware and brackets are also included. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. In some vehicles, the rear disc brakes employ an auxiliary drum brake for the emergency brakes. This style rear brakes is a little different and can be difficult. This article will address Huck hydraulic brakes as used on Chevrolet and GMC half-ton trucks from 1936 to 1950, and to 1952 on some larger trucks, as well as many cars. Sep 29, 2012 · Re: 2009 Silverado W/ Rear Drum Brakes Issue Sep 29 2012, 9:30pm There are two part #s for your truck. 6 out of 5 stars 224 $8. You must let the brake shoes  Brake Drum Dolly OTC Tools amp Equipment OTC5017A Other products by OTC Tools Neiko 20657A Flaring Tool Kit OTC 4591 Brake Spring Tool. It takes some hand dexterity and some technical know-how, but it's certainly an achievable task if you leave you Many cars today use drum brakes on the back two wheels. Select your vehicle from the list below to view all available disc brakes and accessories for your ride. This allows the drum brake to engage more quickly and reduces pedal travel. Also works on older C and H body vehicles Easier and safer than using standard pliers and a screwdriver, these specialized brake service pliers come with a spring retainer and adjusting spoon to prevent damage to new brake shoes. Service Tools and Accessories/ GM Brake Shoe Spanner & Spring Remover of brake shoes; Significant time savings and improved safety for overall drum brake spring remover tool is essential for removing the rear brake shoe retaining  Use to adjust clearance between drum brakes and shoe, remove and install Includes: Brake Spring Pliers - Hook end removes and installs shoe return Tool - Rotates the piston back on GM and Ford vehicles with rear wheel disc brakes. 6 pieces included in the set. Most brake drums will have an adjustment wheel inside the drum, accessible from a slot behind the wheel. Drum brake kit fits Civic 2006-2015 includes shoes drums and spring kit. found push rods installed 90 degrees out, strut and spring inside out. Brake Hardware Fitment . Follow the previous steps to replace the brake drum on the other rear wheel. 1. GM vehicles including European models, The drive head is marked at 90° intervals 3/16"(5mm) 11 Pc. It only takes a minute to set up, and release the spring from the brake shoes. Choose top quality brands AC Delco, Carlson, Dorman, Raybestos. it's been about 20 years since i've down drum brakes, retired and need to save money. usually use a screwdriver instead of a brake spoon for the adjustment. I have used a brake spoon to tighten the shoes against the drum but now cannot seem to bac … read more My car has disc brakes in the rear, and the calipers have a small lever, which is pulled by the parking brake cable. Push back the piston with the appropriate tool. OEM caliper (4) OEM drum (2) Get Results. Brakes that are worn down too low may also not be able to stop your vehicl Advertisement ­ The e­mergency brake on a car has to be actuated by a different power source than the primary braking system. Its main purpose is to keep the brake pads away from the rotor when the brake is not applied. Pump the brakes using your brake pedal to redistribute hydraulic pressure into the system. 3. They include new steel backing plates, new wheel solenoids, bonded brake shoes, all-new hardware, and 11 in. Aug 02, 2016 · The Thexton GM "W" Rear Brake Tool, No. Remove the pad guide pins and disc brake pads and shims. These same quality caliper brackets, master cylinders, as well as other parts are available Sep 18, 2019 · Disk brakes are actually more efficient and provide more braking power than drum brakes, so most cars opt for 4 disk brakes. Jun 14, 2016 · Step 8: Replace the brake shoe and drums of the other rear wheel. Rear Drums Brake Shoes Spring Kit Cylinders for Isuzu Rodeo 6pc 2000-2004 Rear Brake Shoe Kit GM 97724179 Isuzu 5-87831693-0 NOS Mazda Car and Truck Tools Find Strange Ford 9 in. 00 Jul 13, 2016 · A 7" booster like Speedway part number 91031430, will accept master cylinders designed for a power brake system. Find CHEVROLET Summit Racing® Rear Drum-to-Disc Brake Conversion Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Our Summit® rear drum-to-disc brake conversion kits take the guesswork and high price tag out of building a braking system. Brake systems are designed to provide 20,000 to 25,000 miles of pad life in very severe use (such as heavy-traffic urban areas) and will give 40,000 to 60,000 miles of pad life in average use. It is found at the top of the shoes, and The rear brakes on a Vehicles pickup consist of three main parts, the brake drum, the brake shoes and the wheel cylinder. With the drum in place, and the master cylinder full - its now time to do one final bleed and adjust the rear brakes and reset the parking brake. Rear brakes are drum and I have installed all new everything. Use in conjunction with a 3/8" square drive tool or the Disc Brake Adjusting Fixture. Turn the star-shaped adjuster a few times. The drum brake adjuster is located under an access cover in the back of the drum brake. 1984 k20 Chevy 4x4 A drum brake setup requires a 10-lb. Master cylinders mount below the floorboard on GM trucks built to 1959 and Ford Brake shoes, brake shoe return springs, brake parts and obsolete parts for classic Chevy trucks and GMC trucks from Classic Parts of America. From the outside, the drum will be the only KD 3355 Features: Tool rotates the piston back on GM and Ford vehicles equipped with rear wheel disc brakes. Step 6. Alfonso. Drum brakes retain heat and are more complex than disc brakes but are often the more economical and powerful brake type to use in rear brake applications due to the low heat generation of rear brakes, a drum brake's self-applying nature, larger friction surface contact area, and long life wear characteristics (%life used/kW of braking power). These drum brake systems need adjustment, too, and in fact a parking brake that is too far out of adjustment can fail a state vehicle inspection. Adjusts to 3 sizes. Includes tools for removing and installing brake springs along with parking brake and star wheel adjusting tools. 10 Aug 2016 GM "W" Rear Brake Spring Release Tool| Ergonomically engineered mechanical advantage. GM Orders Company-Wide Recall of 194,000 Vehicles The brake proportioning valve is a metering device that equalizes the pressure between the front and rear brakes. The maximum diameter of a brake drum is listed as 222. Most FWD vehicles use a non-servo rear drum brake because of the braking balance of a FWD vehicle. Make sure you lubricate the separator located about halfway up the shoe. In this system, that surface is called a drum. This will bend the splash shield or Universal Truck Brake Spring Tool by LTI Tools®. Find Summit Racing® Rear Drum-to-Disc Brake Conversion Kits SUM-BK1623 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Our Summit® rear drum-to-disc brake conversion kits take the guesswork and high price tag out of building a braking system. Best Practices Sep 16, 2014 · Buy a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Brake Drum at discount prices. The original GM part number for this valve is 1233464; it is stamped 2226261. In a drum brake set up, water can become trapped inside the drum and act as a lubricant between the drum and shoes causing water induced brake fade. New. Using the screwdriver, gently pry out the rubber grommet that protects this access cover. . Excellent product for doing single spring rear brakes. Product Title ATD Tools 2-in-1 S-Cam Brake Tool 5163 Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $26. Check it out at carcraft. Featuring large jaws for servicing brake springs and drums. •Inside design allows technician obstacle free use. 48 inches. Basic Weld-On Rear Disc Brake Kit for 1978-88 GM Caliper, 1. 9CL-3105622 Buy Brake Lathes & Related Products - Tools & Equipment online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Premium Kits include cross-drilled and slotted rotors, braided stainless steel brake hoses plus you have a choice of raw, red or black powder coated calipers. Save on Brake Tools with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. •Commonly found on 09’ & older trucks, SUV’s, & cars. 12550 Brake Caliper Bit Set. residual pressure (RPV10) to counteract the spring tension in the drum system which tends to pull the shoes away from the drums. If your vehicle has drum brakes, you need to adjust them periodically to prevent them from dragging. Rear drum brakes. 1 and anti-rattle spring no. Speedway offers a 1” bore GM style master cylinder, typically recommended for front disc/rear drum or four-wheel-disc applications under part number Jun 25, 2012 · 2007 GMC Sierra 1500*****4 door cab. 66044 Rear Brake Drum. Use a ruler or a suitable measuring device to measure the lining thickness at the middle and both ends of the 1971 - 1980 Camaro Proportioning Valve Kit for DISC / DRUM with Pro Valve, Switch with Lead, Mounting Bracket, and Lines PART NUMBER: BRC-643 Our Price: $129. The brake drum is attached to the rear axle and rotates along with the rear wheels and tires. The drum measures 219. Step 4. The drums are predrilled for 1/2 in. Click here to see an emergency brake in action. 75 Inch Rotor Diameter Disc brakes may also have a return spring or pad spreader. Dorman Products Drum Brake Dust Shields 1991-1996 Cadillac, 1992-2002 Chevy/GMC The common cause of this is a broken or weak retracting spring on drum brakes, corroded or jammed caliper piston, corroded mounting pins or the bushings on a floating caliper, the drum brake self-adjusters are overextended or there is an emergency brake cable that is sticking or is frozen in place. Repeat this 10 times in fairly rapid succession. A pair of brake shoes sits inside each brake drum, one facing forward and one facing Although they're not as easy to replace as front disk brakes, the rear drum brakes on your Nissan Sentra can be removed and replaced in the comfort of your driveway with the proper tools. Feb 26, 2018 · The simple thing to start with is a handy little tool that we offer. It includes drum brake adjuster, brake spring pliers, universal brake shoe, Tool rotates the piston back on GM & Ford vehicles equipped with rear wheel disc  15 Mar 2020 Inside the Rear Brake Drums After 15 Years! It's faster and easier to complete a job if you have the tools you're going to need The brake process for the 1989 Chevrolet Silverado Dually involves I use a socket wrench with a long socket on it to press down the spring and remove the pin from the back. Keep in mind that most modern vehicles are equipped with drum brakes on their rear wheels. 3, 4WD, Rear Brake Shoes (Single Spring Application) This 2006 GMC Sierra 5. S. (Note: Your front brake system will still work, with a slightly lower brake pedal position and diminished brake operation. 99 0 bids 6d 1h +$6. Many cars have drum brakes on the rear wheels and disc brakes on the front. Color coded brake lining gauges for accurate measurement of brake shoe lining. Remove the clip, anti-rattle spring no. Jun 12, 2017 · How to Adjust Rear Brakes in a Honda. before this tool came along you would just use a long screw driver to pop the spring (0) SPRING BRAKE TOOL SSB506 Releases tension on both large and small GM single spring brakes during servicing. If you can find a rear with them,you can swap rears,or just buy the brackets and parts(if one is a 9 bolt,and the other is In a brake system with disc front and drum rear, there is a valve in the system known as a metering valve or hold-off valve. Single Spring brake tool https://amzn. 11) unhook upper shoe-to shoe spring. You could use pliars or side cutters to grip the springs to remove them. A Handy Set of 12 Brake Tools and Bag for Use When Servicing Many Drum Brake Applications. Jul 16, 2014 · 2006 GMC Sierra, 5. If the rear brakes start to lock up when braking hard, the ABS system kicks in and cycles pressure to the rear wheels to prevent them from skidding. This is primarily because of th Brake repair can be an expensive and costly car repair if you wait too long. Then I use channel lock pliars to grab the large horse shoe spring. The rear brakes hold pressure but the front side will not bleed. The 12 1/4” Live Axle rear end is the finest rear end available for Top Fuel and Funny Car. Drum brake tool (optional) Attention: Before modifying, painting, or powder coating any part of this kit, please trial fit all components and check rim clearance. Constructed of high quality carbon steel for added durability, this caliper tool kit can be used with most makes of vehicles. This engages the spring and quickly releases the spring tension. Releases tension on both large and small GM single spring brakes during servicing. 13). Easy one hand operation. Whether you've got a Chevy/GM 10-bolt rear-end or a 12-bolt, changing the rear axle bearings is a relatively quick and easy repair to complete at home. When inspecting a drum brake, always inspect the wheel cylinder for leakage by prying away the rubber end cap. When you need high-quality stopping power for your GM vehicle, rely on ACDelco GM Original Equipment Pads and Shoes. $55. Then pull to unhook the spring. 55. This is a pair of 9-1/2” rear drum brake right & left backing plates. Brake drums, brake adjusting hole plug, brake parts and obsolete parts for classic Chevy trucks and GMC trucks from Classic Parts of America. This content is not compatible on this device. After removing the brake drum and necessary brake hardware, place Brake Pliers over the cable housing spring fingers, squeeze pliers and remove brake cable housing from backing plate Brake pad life depends on driving habits, vehicle usage, and operating environment. Over the years we have tested and developed premium GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Universal Transmission Tool Sets. Spring Compressor Ring 722. Rear brake drums can sometimes be used on the front on some cars by pressing out the lugs and center hub on the rear drum and replacing them with those from the front drum (with new lugs, of course). Remove the wheel. Most (98%) GM vehicles use hold down pin to hold the shoe against the This Kelsey-Hayes combination brake valve was removed from a 1995 Chevrolet Caprice. It mainly consists of a wheel cylinder, brake shoe return spring, brake shoe retainer springs, emergency brake actuator arm, brake drum, and a pair of brake shoe. Place a block of wood (like a 2x4) at the base of the floor, so its under the brake pedal. Get the complete scoop on drum brakes and check out some amazing graphics! Advertisement Drum brakes work on the same principle as disc brakes: Shoes press against a spinning surface. It is often easiest to remove the topmost spring first, which will loosen the overall  These pliers can be used on many domestic vehicles with an emergency brake cables at the rear wheels. The major diameter of the socket is identical to the shank diameter on the back of the brake cylinder. It has a proportioning valve mounted midway down the frame. valve to compensate for the return spring tension in the drums. Buy Drum Brake Parts - Misc - Brake Products - Miscellaneous online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Oct 22, 2019 · Some vehicle with four-wheel disc brakes still use a drum brake inside the rear rotors that acts as the parking brake. The antilock brake system performs the job of brake proportioning by keeping an eye on how the rear brakes are behaving. 14 $ 26 . Not using the parking brake doesn't push the adjuster out all the way. Remove the drum from the brake assembly. Verified Buyer. 3-5-REV Drum Tool 6L50, 6L80, 6L90. The top load design coupled with a one piece axle, provides an excellent structural base that maximizes gear life and significantly reduces rear end distortion. Step 2. Many drum brakes present problems related to extended age and mileage as well as regular wear and an incorrectly serviced drum brake can cause noise, pulling, grabbing and pulsation A Handy Set of 12 Brake Tools and Bag for Use When Servicing Many Drum Brake Applications. The caliper will pull it out but not using the parking brake can result in a softer brake pedal because of that tiny bit of play. Because of our design thoughts, we kept the drum spindle and wound up making a disc brake conversion kit that is much better than what GM designed in the first place. Used on domestic and Import vehicles that utilize an emergency brake cable at the rear wheels, including drum brake applications and some rear disc brake vehicles. ) If the shoes are saturated with brake fluid, replacement is needed. Easy to use parts catalog. 42 4WD Rear Drum Brake 1973-91 Chevy Blazer, Suburban 1973-91 GMC Jimmy, Suburban Brake Hose Components 2000-05 Excursion Brake Master Cylinder 1948-52 F1 F2 1953-56 F100 F250 • J 8057 brake spring pliers • J 21177-lA drum-to-brake shoe clearance gauge • J 22348-01 drum brake spring remover and installer • J 22364-01 drum-to-shoe clearance gauge • J 23530 brake line flaring tool • J 25310 universal tubing bender • J 29117-A wheel bearing cup remover • J 29532 pressure bleeder Brake hose lock (1) Hold-down spring cup (1) Spring kit (1) Get Results. One reason could be a defective wheel cylinder, which is part of the brake system. Seized star-wheel screws and otherwise inoperative self-adjusters are practically an epidemic, and you're risking trouble if you don't replace the Ford 9 Inch Drum brake kit-Ford 9 Inch Bolt On Drum Brake Kit New 11 Drums Drilled for your choice of bolt pattern New Internal Hardware Your choice COMPLETE FRONT & REAR DISC/DRUM BRAKE KITS CA-PROP. will be greatl Jun 25, 2019 · A lot of people who upgrade their drum brakes to discs want to retain their parking brake, so they look for a set of Eldorado calipers. Astro Pneumatic 78830 Heavy Duty Hub Drum And Rotor This tool is used to hold the retainer ring for easy cylinder removal & replacement making the job easier and quicker. Rear Disc Brake Caliper Tool Kit. NOTE This kit works on rear ends with a bolt on backing plate only. See full list on canadiantire. 628" ID. tools. 22 $ 8 . On some vehicles with rear disc brakes, the inside hat of the rotor acts as a small drum brake system. A universal drum brake spring tool would be helpful but not required. 19” one-piece drum/rotors, and high friction pads provide optimized and balanced braking for all types of custom performance street/strip and show machines. Step 9: Test your brakes. The inside design of this tool allows obstacle free use by technicians. You can use 14” wheels ONLY if they were originally from a disc brake car. (Image/Wayne Scraba) Summit Racing sells these new backing plates for 9. They're available in a variety of sizes and rotor styles for different axle models and housing flanges. This brake set includes a brake spring installer, a spring remover, 2 spring retainers, a brake spring pliers, a pad gauge set, and 8 various sized adjustment tools. It does this through a small sliding valve operating on spring pressure. It has a new dual master cylinder and dual booster. Rear brakes work barely if I turn the proportioning valve all the way down. If you have a Ford ZF parking brake on your rig that's having problems, we've got the ZF brake parts to fix you up. 5-inch GM applications. It includes parking-brake style rear calipers and new slip on rotors. Our complete conversion kits come with every high quality part needed to upgrade to disc brakes. Attapon Thana/ Like all brake system components in a car, they wear down from time to time and need to be replaced. ) - 7/10 x 4 1/5 x 8 2/5 - - ­ ­For the drum brakes to function correctly, the brake shoes must remain close to the drum without touching it. My truck has 1/4" brake line, this came with the fittings to accept 1/4". 13410 Brake Caliper Brush. You can take care of this task on your own if you know how to adjust drum brakes. I recently changed the rear brakes, since changing them the brake pedal seems soft and the e-brake doesnt grab like it used to. Now press down on the brake pedal. Oct 20, 2014 · None 10 and 12 Bolt C-Clip Eliminator Kit 10in 12 Bolt Assemblies 12 Bolt C-Clip Eliminator 12 Bolt Housings 12 Bolt Parts 12 Bolt Pro Gears 12 Bolt Standard Gears 12 Bolt Truck Gears 12in 1310 to 1350 U Joint 14in 16in 1963-1979 Corvette 1980-1982 Corvette 1984-1996 Corvette 1997-2013 Corvette 2 Bolt C-Clip Eliminator Kit 2014-2017 Corvette 28 Buy rotors, drums and ABS parts for brake systems online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. You can also find digital brake reset tools at competitive prices. Step 1: Access the drum brake adjustment star wheel. Brake Hardware Position . 00+. Order the kit recommended for your In addition to full assemblies, Inline Tube stocks a large variety of drum brake components. 22 Order Brake Specialty Tools for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Step 5. 22 ARES 70191 - Brake Spring Compressor Tool - Provides Leverage to Remove and Install Stubborn Hold-Down Springs of Drum Brakes 4. This is a brake shoe return spring for 3 Like I said,those of you with rear drums will have to swap rears in order to get disk brakes(at least at GM). If you need just one, find BAF107A (right) or BAF107B (left) in the related products section below or by searching in the search bar above. 00 Rear Parking Brake Shoes by Omniparts®. this uses a single large metal return and hold down spring. Complete guild to replacing your rear drum brake shoes. 5 out of 5 stars 247 $8. The straddle mounted rear pinion bearing used in the 1 1/2 ton truck is held in place by a heavy split lock ring. Included in the Kit: UD TRUCK rear brake kit 1989-2012 Models 1800 2000 2300. I vaguely recall a thread on the automatic adjusters on them didn't get enough hard applications when backing up to cause them to adjust. This 14 bolt axle drum brake conversion kit is for full float axles with a stud mounted drum. We replaced the spark plugs, wires and air cleaner element. The valve stops the flow, or pressure of brake fluid to the rear drum brakes during every heavy braking or emergency stops; otherwise, the rear brakes lock up and skid, receiving too much pressure from the master cylinder. This bar mounts inside the rear brake drum and is used to activate the parking brake. It should be noticeably Apr 30, 2019 · Grab the brake drum by the edges and pull it off. Free shipping. 7639 GM W-Body Brake Bushing Service Set Here’s the complete set for servicing seized disc-brake "universal drum brake tool kit set" Slackers 70' Hawk Series Zipline w/ Spring Brake kit ACDelco AC Delco ACDelco 17795B Professional Bonded Rear Drum Brake Drum brakes may be found at both the front and back of older vehicles and most Heavy-duty trucks and trailers although, disc brakes are quickly becoming the standard on new HD trucks and trailers. Symptoms: Hard pedal. Saves time when servicing brake shoes, the emergency brake cable or the brake cylinder Many GM brakes use a heavy single spring. 95 *Power Brake Booster Conversion-Drum/Drum: Item #: 71-903: *Rear Disc Brake Kit-GM 10 or 12 Bolt w/ Slotted DRUM BRAKES FRONT AND REAR WITH MASTER ON FIREWALL OR UNDER FLOOR. Order the kit recommended for your Inline Tube's complete 9-1/2” rear drum brake kit comes fully assembled and equipped with everything needed to replace the rear drum brake assemblies on your vehicle. It is a Push Rod Depth Gauge (p/n: AC2003) and can be seen below. A parking brake service kit includes parking brake parts like springs, retainers and clips to replace worn out parts of the system. 4 mm. Engage brake spring tool head, turn handle to lock on spring, expand spring to install or remove; Also works on domestic brakes that don t use an anchor pin; Works on any spring attached to post; Always read instruction manual before operating this tool ARES 70191 - Brake Spring Compressor Tool - Provides Leverage to Remove and Install Stubborn Hold-Down Springs of Drum Brakes 4. 3/8" inch drive, 3/8" socket (stepped) that has been ground down in length. Brake Caliper Type . It may be necessary to back off the brake adjuster to remove the drum. Don't use one if you don't have to, since this slight amount of line pressure is always present, with the potential to cause the brakes to drag if the valve has a problem. If they get too far away from the drum (as the shoes wear down, for instance), the piston will require more fluid to travel that distance, and your brake pedal will sink closer to the floor when you apply the brakes. Any info. individual springs - 2007 Silverado new body), I did it 100%  It includes drum brake adjuster, brake spring pliers, universal brake shoe, Brake Piston Tool: Rotates the piston back on GM and Ford vehicles with rear wheel  Fits all front and some rear disc brakes. 5" 5-lug rear drums from a number of GM vehicles fit the Monza's rear drum backing plates once the axles are swapped--mine are new drums also for a 1988 S-10. Works on drum brake and disc applications, quick and   Kit came complete to perform a brake job on my car which had rear drum brims price is fair didn't have to get tools at different stores. It also required more fluid in the wheel cylinder to apply the brakes. Servicing your parking brake system may involve replacing springs that have stretched or broken. 960 (as the ts10960 says) and 855. Built to meet stringent FMVSS Inline Tube’s disc brake conversions offer complete bolt on front and rear disc brake conversions as well as individual components. We have checked everything, pumped the pedal about 1,000 times and even "pressure bled" it. REAR BRAKE KIT SOFT PAD EARLY BIG FORD 2. One end grips on the brake lining, the other hooks onto the spring. Safety, Shipping, Service Centric® 122. the individual digitals are very helpful. Then, in 1988, a new “slide-on drum” style of axle was offered (our kit for slide-on style 14 bolt axles is here). Check drum brakes at least every six months, 6,000 miles or 10,000 km, or as recommended in the car's normal service schedule. Mar 29, 2006 · Rear drum brakes can cause a low pedal, too. Home Automotive A drum brake system, including the drum, brake shoes, and brake cylinder is explained, with guidelines for maintenance and inspection. Jun 10, 2019. Double Ended Tool for Removing and Installing Brake Springs. Our 1963-87 Chevy C20 truck rear disc brake conversion kit offers you the option of upgrading the rear of your truck to perform like the front. We recommend you run 15” or larger wheels with this kit. This approach helps the vehicle stop in a shorter distance, but also 1967 - 1969 Brake Conversion Kit, All (Front and Rear Disc, Manual) for 2 Inch Drop Non-Staggered Shocks, Black Calipers, Signature Series PART NUMBER: BRC-305BB Our Price: $1,695. Although four-wheel disc brakes currently dominate the import brake service market, millions of drum brakes are serviced each day in independent import shops. GM Rear Wheel Drive. 59 In BS $204. Disconnect parking brake cable from parking brake lever. Fits GM vehicles with 2-1/8 and 1-7/8" pistons and Ford vehicles 1987 to current with rear disc brakes. ) When resetting the pistons, they also have to be rotated (clockwise in my case). 15 Nov 2019 Before you go any further on a drum brake job, you'll need tools. Our full line of GM Genuine Parts Original Equipment brakes including rotors, pads, drums and other brake components are designed, tested, engineered and backed by General motors. Tools & Garage. The adjuster is mostly for the parking brake - it keeps the engagement of the parking brake even as the brake pads wear down. Drum brakes on GMC trucks are found on the rear wheels of modern models while older trucks may have drums on both the front and the rear wheels. 7456 Ford Brake Spring Tool The hold-down springs on rear brake drums can now be easily removed or installed with the help of this tool – without causing damage or injuries. C62-82 GM Parking Emergency Brake Cable Clip Clips Retainer Hold Down 3 piece REAR BRAKE DRUM PAIR Old spring (cut) from a Midget clutch master cylinder. Once the final adjustment has been made, put the wheel back on, and tighten the lug nuts. Stock Ref. Step 2: Adjust the star wheel. Chevrolet Huck Brakes by Bob Adler. Usually older car has rear drum brake. The tool is meant to be used with a variable speed drill. 12 Apr 2011 What tools are needed to do the rear brakes myself. T-7464AC Spring Compressor Rings. What size cut can be made before the drum must be discarded? 2. I have the kit and it comes with tools to pull the springs as well and those round type on other drums (not found on mine). This 11 piece brake pad and caliper service tool kit is designed for superior performance and reliability. residual valve is used to hold pressure against the springs in the drum. This video will show you how to use it. Fits both sides. • J 8057 brake spring pliers • J 21177-lA drum-to-brake shoe clearance gauge • J 22348-01 drum brake spring remover and installer • J 22364-01 drum-to-shoe clearance gauge • J 23530 brake line flaring tool • J 25310 universal tubing bender • J 29117-A wheel bearing cup remover • J 29532 pressure bleeder Select Your Vehicle. 332 PART #B1707WC RECOMMENDED FOR CARS GOING 150 MPH OR LESS IN THE 1/4 MILE slotted Rotors, Four Piston Calipers Soft Metallic Pads SKU: 55-799 $ 595. J 38400 Brake Shoe Spanner and Spring Remover. Includes brake spring pliers, retaining spring tool, and brake shoe adjusting spoon with chisel and straight ends Heavy duty hardened steel construction Designed for import car drum brake return springs. 42 $ 35 . A prime example of this are GM FWD vehicles that are equipped with duo-servo rear drum brakes. Before raising the vehicle, loosen the lug nuts of both rear wheels. The picture above is the 960s. What Nick is talking about is called the "advanced" leading-trailing drum brake system. gm rear drum brake spring tool

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